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WyoPA Members: Update Your Personal Roster Information

  1. First, access your member profile either:

    a. Upon log on: As soon as you log on to the web site, your member profile page appears. Type over the old information to update, then scroll down to the bottom and Click "SUBMIT". You can change your email address, password, contact information, biographical information, or create a personal photo album. You can also decide what information to make available to other members or hide from view.

    b. OR if you are already logged in, you can click on MEMBERS ONLY in left menu, scroll to Search Roster, then click on By Name. Then click on your name to open your contact info. Revise, then scroll to bottom and click on SUBMIT.

    NOTE: First Time Log in: If you have not previously logged in to the web site, click "Email my my password" button from the Member Log On page using the email address on record with WyoPA.

  2. Add AIRCRAFT: From the Search Roster page (per instruction 1b, above), click on the to select an aircraft. If your model is not on the list, use the "Add New Model" button to add, then return to the Search Roster page to select it.
  3. Add BIO: To enhance our member network, please add information about yourself and your interests in the "Bio" area on the profile page. Your biographical information is accessible to logged in Members only.
  4. Add PHOTOS: To share photos, you can create you own personal photo album. In your member profile (per #1 above), click on "Click this link to create your personal photo album".

    Once you have created an album, you can always add or change photos. To do so, go to the PHOTO ALBUM link on the main menu. Select ENTER GALLERY. Scroll down and click on MEMBER's ALBUMS. Click on your album and use the drop down menu at the top right of your album to add photos, change captions, etc. Enjoy!

    Note: the Members Photo Gallery IS visible to the general public.


Feel free to contact us if you have any problems.

NOTE FOR NON-MEMBERS: If you are not a member, We would enjoy your participation and appreciate your support. Join Now!

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